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Patricia Love is a Professionally Trained Dancer, Choreographer and Certified Group Fitness Instructor Specialist, first introduced to dance fitness in 2006.


For the last ten years, Patricia Love has professionally trained in many styles of dance however, she is most experienced in Dancehall, Hip Hop, Afro Dance and Stiletto-styled dance techniques. Her love of dance has awarded her many opportunities to perform live, host private dance events, manage and create numerous creative concept dance projects and music videos, work alongside up-and-coming musicians to perfect their dance skills and confidence levels, has been invited to host dance fitness classes for local community and privatized events and much more!


In 2016, Patricia Love was recognized for her strong skilled dance fitness abilities, and since has been awarded many opportunities by well-known industry-level companies to host dance fitness classes across North America. She has been commended for her exquisite teaching technique, class organization, upbeat music selection, exceptional dance moves and her charismatic and delightful personality. Her previous dance and fitness training experiences are what have led her to become a dance fitness instructor determined to share her love of dance and fitness with others.

Today Patricia Love is dedicated to sharing her passion with others by creating fun-filled cardio dance workouts, to help build enthusiasm around health and wellness; and to share with others her purpose in finding success in physical and mental wellness through the art of dance fitness.

Patricia Love is a strong believer in the building of community not only through the art of dance fitness, but also through philanthropic acts of social work and supporting female owned businesses and entrepreneurs.


You can follow Patricia Love on her Pop Up with Patricia YouTube channel, where she advocates for leading a healthy active lifestyle; and gives us all the friendly reminder that: "health and wellness is an ongoing journey that never ends. There will be ups and downs, but it can always be fun!"

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